Paragliding: You can have a great day with a real adrenalin rush paragliding from Kyrenia and Saint Hilarion Castle. We are sure that you will not miss the opportunity to see the beauty of Kyrenia, the pearl of Northern Cyprus  800 metres from the sky.  To make your holiday an enjoyable and memorable one we can arrange all paragliding tours for you.


Historical and Cultural Tours: Due to its important strategic position, Cyprus has historically found itself under the colonial rule of many different nations. Throughout history Cyprus has been home to 12 different cultures. From the Byzatine Empire to the Venetians, Lusignans and Ottoman Empire to name but a few. Each and every government has left its mark on Cypriot territory. We can arrange sightseeing tours for our guests who would like to step back in time and take a trip exploring these historical places and artefacts left behind in Northern Cyprus.

boat tour

Yacht and Boat Tours: We advise all tourists who are visiting Northern Cyprus to at least  go on one of the many daily boat trips . Northern Cyprus is famous for its beaches and coves. Boats take off in the early hours of the day and head for the popular beaches. You can make the most of swimming in the crystal clear turquoise waters during the beach and cove stops. Boat trips leave from the harbour by Kyrenia Castle. During the summer months the tours start daily at 10.00 a.m.


Water Sports: In Northern Cyprus the easiest and most fun summer activity has to be water sports. During your holiday in Northern Cyprus you can see the wide range of water sports on offer at many beaches. If you would like to have fun in the beautiful blue waters we can arrange to take you to the popular beaches offering watersports. You are within walking distance from our holiday village to Escape Beach where you can have a fun day taking advantage of the wide variety of water sports on offer everyday, from Scuba, Canoeing, Water Boat, Wind surfing and Parasailing to name but a few.


Trekking: When you come to Northern Cyprus you will see an untouched green  area of natural beauty. Tourists visiting Northern Cyprus should spend at least one day of their holiday trekking. Whilst wandering 1100 metres above on the mountains you will be able to see and be totally caught up in the breathtaking views of Kyrenia harbour from amongst the beautiful pine trees. In particular, you will be able to see the sunset trekking on Kyrenia’s Five Finger Mountains. We would highly recommend trekking to those guests who want an escape from the hot weather in the summer months.

golf cyprus

Golf: Situated in Esentepe by the Five Finger Moutains, you will not be able to get enough of playing golf in this  area of unparallelled views. Korinieum Golf Course and Country Club has been built in a perfect area where green meets blue and is Northern Cyprus’s first and only 18 hole golf course. We are certain that you will not miss the chance to play golf amongst the sweet smell of the pine trees facing the beautiful blue sea. For our guests wishing to spend a relaxing day we can arrange transportation to play golf.